Our Production Facility produces medicines in dry forms – tablets and powders, like APAP, IBUPROM, GRIPEX.

Absolutely. Not only people with pharmaceutical education are employed in our facility. The kind of required education and experience depends on the position for which you apply. Precise requirements are always listed in a job advertisement. Our employees hold positions associated with production, packaging or warehousing, but they also occupy specialised positions and work at offices.

No, we don’t provide transport for employees at the moment.

Absolutely, our employees can be promoted. You can be promoted to a higher position within a given department, as competencies develop. Our employees can also participate in in-house recruitments and apply for jobs in different company departments.

You can find all of our current job advertisements on our website in the Careers tab and on the pracuj.pl website.

No, we don’t run internship/practice programmes for students.

No, everyone who works in our facility must have a valid sanitary certificate. If you don’t have one, you can do it during the occupational health pre-screening we organize.

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