Since the beginning of the company, our activity has focused on people and human health.

Embracing our mission “Improving your life.The best health solutions into your home”, as a leader on the market of OTC products and drugs in Poland, we feel particularly responsible for health of our patients and employees. Due to the epidemiological threat of COVID-19, we have implemented a series of preventative measures in our company that aim at ensuring occupational health and safety to an even larger extent.

From March 16 until further notice, all employees of USP Zdrowie in Poland, excluding: production workers and other activities necessary to maintain production continuity in Wrocław, as well as selected personnel of the pharmaceutical warehouse, will be working remotely, staying at home.

Until further notice, we have also suspended visits of medical representatives at medical facilities (hospitals, clinics), pharmaceutical representatives at pharmacies as well as sales representatives at stores.

Safety and availability of our products to our patients are our priorities. Currently, our production is safe in terms of availability of raw materials. We are also monitoring the latest news and information provided by organizations such as the World Health Organization, Ministry of Health, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate on an ongoing basis, follow their recommendations and making every effort to maintain the highest standards of safety possible.