No one can be left alone when fighting against the coronavirus, particularly those who are in the front line. Responding to the needs of the healthcare, USP Zdrowie along with its team, which cooperates with the medical community on a daily basis, has provided personal protective equipment to more than 500 medical facilities throughout Poland! This is a final of the campaign, about which we informed here:

Since the beginning of the company, our activity has focused on people and human health,says Robert Jurgawka, Chief Marketing & Organization Officer USP Zdrowie – We could not stay indifferent to the current situation, which is why we have decided to support Polish healthcare system in order to take care of those in the front line.

Selected facilities have received a full range of health products during the COVID-19 pandemic. The equipment ordered by the company includes i.a.:

  • 92 thous. disposable masks
  • 500 thous. gloves
  • 7,9 thous. disposable gowns
  • 11 thous. sanitizers
  • 3,1 thous. protective visors
  • 2,5 thous. protective suits
  • 1 thous. FFP2 masks
  • 1 thous. FFP3 masks
  • 600 szt. non-contact thermometers

The action covers the entire Poland and is coordinated by the Medical Unit of USP Zdrowie – a team of 48 persons, which cooperates with the medical community on a daily basis.

“Working with the medical community, we can listen to their needs in a direct manner. In light of the SARS-COVID-19 pandemic, this action is our natural response to such needs. We could not imagine acting in a different manner,” says Aniela Nowakowska, Medical Unit Director at USP Zdrowie.

Statystyki USP Zdrowie Covid-19