Project subsidised with the European Funds

In 2018 USP Group acquired the plant located at 87 Bierutowska Street next to which the USP Research and Development Centre (RDC) is going to be constructed. The Centre provides extension of research in the field of new technologies, research methods and medicinal products.

As part of the project titled: ‘Establishing Research and Development Background of US Pharmacia’, the company was subsidised with the European Funds to create a new facility and equip it with the indispensable research devices for two newly-established laboratories. As far as the EU subsidy in investment projects involving R+D infrastructure is concerned, our project has been subsidised with the amount of PLN 5,416,251.

By dint of this investment, a space dedicated to research and development projects is going to be created which is going to satisfy the requirements that are necessary to conduct a comprehensive scope of works related to, among others, the development of new medicinal products. The establishment of USP RDC will let us grow in the field of developing and implementing innovative products and technologies used in the company’s own operations.

The investment project along with the research agenda are going to be carried out in the years 2020-2026.

The estimated total value of the undertaking will be more than PLN 26.5m.

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